How do I access with my SONY Smart TV?

 First of all you have to make sure that your Sony Smart TV is compatible with

Follow this link to check if your device is included on the list of compatible devices:

Compatible SONY devices


 Make sure that you Sony Smart TV is connected to the Internet.

Once you have confirmed that your device is compatible with, verify if it's connected to the Internet. To do this you should connect your Sony Smart TV to a router or modem using a connection through an Internet provider.


 Turn on your Sony Smart TV.

Using your remote control look for the button "Home" and press it.

Straightaway select "Internet Content".

Look for the icon and press it. 

If the Internet connection is correct, the navigation menu will show up.

If the icon doesn't show up, go to the "Settings" in the main menu. There go to "Network" and select the option "Update Internet Content". Once updated, the icon will appear in the "Internet Content" menu. 


Congratulations! Now you can enjoy in your Sony Smart TV.

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