How to pair my Account with the new app.

To pair your account in the new app just follow this easy steps:


1. First, start the app in your Smart TV. In the upper right of the screen you can see the button "Already a user? Pair your account now". 

You can also press the red button of your remote control and the choose Pair account. 






2. Click on the "Pair existing account" button.



3. Enter your E-mail address and click "Next".



4. Enter your Password and click "Next".



Your password is case sensitive, so make sure you use capital letters when it is necessary.

My password is too difficult to enter on my device and I want to change it!

If you want to change your password to a more simple one, please follow the instructions outlined on the following link:

Once you have changed your password you can sign in to your account on your device using your email address and new password.



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