If you encounter a black endlessly loading screen when trying to reproduce/stream our content, you just need to finish the playback and tap on "Watch now" to start the movie again. After a few seconds, the film should start on your TV.

However, if the loading screen lasts more than one minute, you can try to fix this issue by following these steps:

1. Close the app and tap twice your iPhone's, iPad's or iPod's Home button. Slide the app upwards. This will kill Wuaki.tv Player's process completely.

2. Slide your finger upwards from your device's main screen to see AirPlay's connection options (you need an Apple TV connected on the same Wi-Fi network to see them).

3. Choose the default device to reproduce content (iPhone, iPad or iPod).

4. Connect to your Apple TV again. You don't need to mark the duplication option.

5. Launch Wuaki.tv app and search the movie you want to watch (please remember the film needs to be already rented or purchased).

6. Tap the "Watch Now" button and choose the language you want:

The film should now start and run correctly. However, if you feel like the loading screen lasts too long, close the film and start its reproduction again.

Hope this fixes your problem, but don't hesitate to send us an email to help-uk@wuaki.tv if the problem persists.

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