How can I redeem a promotional rental voucher in my iPad ?

The Player App for iPad lets you watch the movies you have already rented or purchased (which will be in your library) or, if you are subscribed to Wuaki Plus, any of the Wuaki Plus movies.

In order to rent a movie you must use an internet browser.

Follow these simple steps in order to redeem your voucher and start enjoying the best films on!

1. Open a browser and go to

2. Find and choose the movie you want to see

3. Sign in to using your username and password, or register if you have not done so yet.

4. On the film’s information page, select "Redeem Voucher"

5. Enter the voucher code. Make sure you don’t insert spaces before or after the code!

6. Open the Player app and go to your Library. There, you will find the movie you wanted. Ready to be watched!

Do not hesitate to contact us via  if you have any questions.

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